5 Essential Things To Take On A Road Trip

Road trips—there are no better adventures than these. Road trips are great for enjoying the outdoors, get close to nature, spend some quality time with friends or family, and of course, to show off your ride. Road trips can be risky, therefore it’s important to plan everything well in advance. In addition to writing down emergency contacts, you will need some essential items to take on the trip. Here are some of them:

1. Extra Energy

You can’t do without energy on a road trip, practically and metaphorically speaking. You will need a steady source of energy to keep things moving in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. So, pack extra car batteries, cans of fuel and deep cycle batteries to power up your road trip. Would you really want to stop by an abandoned gas station in the middle of a desert? Nope, didn’t think so.

2. Canned Food

You will make stops at restaurants and little bed and breakfasts for meal breaks and naps. But, you certainly will need food items on the go as well just in case you cannot reach a diner on time. So, pack one or two boxes of canned food items you can easily open. Don’t take perishable food items like bread. Take things that will last for a long time and that you can use in an emergency situation.

3. Water Purifier

Those extra fuel cans and deep cycle batteries will not be the only energy source you need. You will also need fresh water, or rather, access to fresh water. You should pack water bottles to take with you, but taking a lot will take up space and make your trunk heavier. Therefore, it’s best to take water purifiers to make natural sources of water you find on the way drinkable.

4. Extra Tires

You can’t leave the house without these. A road trip will exert additional stress on your tires. Therefore, you will need to pack a couple of extra just in case one blows up. Also, you will need to replace all your carpeted road tires with ones that can handle rough terrain. Ask your local mechanic about tires that will suit a road trip. Visit Cleantech Gulf to find out more about a huge range of high quality cleaning equipment.

5. Maps

You will of course have a GPS device on your smartphone as well as car. But, remember, you are going out of the city. There will be places without cell phone signals or even disrupted satellite signals where your digital GPS devices will be as good as dead. Therefore, pack manual road maps of all the places you intend to visit.

Now, don’t get in your vehicle without packing all of the above items for your road trip.