A 7 Star Hotel And Its Services

Five star hotels have been the most luxurious of all hotels. So we think. But to be honest the world have so much to offer beyond luxury and since recently it has come ashore that their exists six and seven star hotels. We may think they are no different from the ordinary five star hotels but seven star hotels are truly a work of art by man. It takes the best of architects, engineers and interior designers to make this piece of art. Tons and tons of money are spent in building structures that man has never seen before. They are the structures that provide high comfort and a feeling that is so surreal to man. The facilities in these hotels are fit for a queen and so are the prices. There are seven star hotels that charge up to $ 680 for just one night for two adults. Seven star hotels are found around the globe, few in Dubai and few in Maldives. Only the elite class have the upper hand to experience such luxury. But the main reason they come to such hotels is for privacy that five and four star hotels can no longer provide.
There are many reasons for the high prices for a night’s stay in a hotel as such. One reason is because of the services they provide. A few of the services include 24 hour room service. They also provide the option of two or more dining rooms to choose from, which have menus to suit each and every one palate; from Asian food to the food in the Caribbean islands. For customers to get their clothes washed and dried they have a list laundry services.
24 hour cleaning service, dry cleaning and disinfection of certain materials are few of the list laundry services Dubai.
The high end hotels also have packages for tourist to visit other places in the country. In some cases the hotel offers to pick one up from the airport in luxury cars such as the Benz or a Rolls Royce. They offer luxury rooms with the finest interiors and sometimes one could even choose the type of room one wants as they are quite unique. Some 7 star hotels have helipads for their influential clients. They also have water parks and other sorts of entertainment for their guests. Some entertainment include scuba diving and jet skiing. For celebrities these are the best places to reside for their holidays as they will get their privacy. They can also request for private dining at their quarters.