Buying Your Child Their First Computer

A computer of their his own will no doubt be one of the best gifts you can ever give your child and a computer will also be an investment in to your child’s future. In this day and age, exam results have taken a back seat with computer literacy playing a main role in getting a job or becoming successful in life. We live in an age where everything is run by computers from our health to our jobs and therefore it is essential that your child is well versed in computers. However, while having a computer and knowing how to use it can have many advantages, the internet can have many disadvantages. In fact, access to the internet can even result in your child’s death as there are hundreds and thousands of pedophiles and predators lurking on the internet under the guise of a young person.

If you have made the decision to buy your child their own computer, it is important that you delay internet usage as much as possible and when you do make the decision to grant internet access, it is important that you do so with a parental lock, free antivirus for windows 8 and parent protection. This step can save your child’s life as the internet is plagued with unlimited amounts of easily accessible internet pornography and is infected with many predators.

Protecting your computer

In addition to human dangers, there are many computer viruses that can destroy your computer and destroy much valuable data that has been stored on the computer. Installing free antivirus for windows 8 on your computer will protect it from a host of virus threats however, it is best to speak to a computer professional about installing other virus protection software as well to provide more protection.

Owning a computer can be a wonderful thing and it can be the door to much knowledge and education however, if you are not careful it can also open doors to much danger. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are always around when your child is accessing the internet and that you are always aware of your child’s internet usage. Social media has often proved to be a hunting ground for predators where they take on the guise of a young person your child’s age and will send a friend request to anyone else who is around that age. For this reason, social media has a rule that you have to be at least eighteen in order to join and it is important that you make sure your child sticks to these rules.