How To Select The Best Fragrance For Yourself?

Everybody loves to look good and of course a part of looking good is the kind of perfume you wear and how its fragrance will suit your personality. Even when buying a perfume UAE for somebody else there is a list of things that you might have to consider when making the right choice of perfume. Selecting the ideal cologne or perfume may include the preferences of the person in many things like food, music; favorite smells and even his/her taste in fashion. The problem is that there are so many types and varieties of products available in the market today. How are you to select the product that best suits you? This article will provide a basic idea on how you could make your choice.
The first thing to know about perfumes is that what your best friend wears may not be suitable for you. The effect differs depending on the body chemistry from person to person. Even some of the best perfumes for men and women that are recognized around the world may not suit you that well. It’s because of the differences in our body chemistry. So the basic step is to be equipped with knowledge. There are fragrance families and then there are fragrance personalities.
Fragrance families
The four main types of fragrance families are fresh, floral, oriental and woods. These families include different types of fragrances and not all of them will suit your personality or body type. Fresh fragrances are those that are to do with freshly cut grass or the morning dew, light citrus or airy feelings. These are best suited for outdoor purposes and mostly used in colognes. Floral fragrances are the most common type of fragrances among women. These include the fragrance of a single flower like rose blossoms, jasmine, lavender, gardenia, lily of the valley or a mix of floral fragrances. These produce sweet and enchanting fragrances that are best suited for day to day use. The next category is the oriental fragrances which are rich and exotic. These are best for night time use and romantic occasions. Finally, wood fragrances are mostly used in best perfumes for men for example sandalwood, cedar wood and oak fragrances fall under this category.
Fragrance personalities
If you’re an ‘outdoor or sporty’ type of a girl and prefers to go out camping on weekends and want your personality to stand out rather than your perfume your best choice will be fresh category perfumes. On the other hand if you are the ‘elegant’ type and your weekends are full of dinner parties your best choice will be the oriental fragrances that re rich and romantic. If you are a shy personality but indeed the type any guy would want to take home with a ‘girl-next-door’ personality type, your best choice will be light woods or floral. For a man, if you are athletic and energetic light woods will suit you, but if you are more of the modern, businessman type, and your ideal choice will be fresh water scents.