How To Start A Fashion Blog

Fashion blogging is beneficial for many entrepreneurs as well as writers. For entrepreneurs and owners of retail websites, fashion blogging is a great marketing tool to push products and create brand awareness. For writers, fashion blogging is a great way to get recognition, build a resume or to simply nurse a passion. Whatever your reasons may be, here are several highly useful tips for starting a fashion blog:

Find a Niche

First of all, you need a fashion topic to blog about. If you want to blog about generic fashion topics, you will be facing stiff competition. There are millions of generic fashion articles published by content farms each day, and your post will do nothing but get lost in this sea of largely unread posts. Therefore, if you want to stand out, you will have to find yourself a nice topic. For example, instead of covering something completely overdone like online plus size stores, try posting about a special topic like plus size womens clothing instead.

Use WordPress

Instead of spending a lot of money on web designers to create a blogging site for you, or starting an account at a blogging network, use WordPress to launch your own unique and independent blog. Creating a blog using WordPress is completely free. If you want your own unique domain name, you can purchase one for as cheap as 10 dollars per year. If you can find an alternative to WordPress that offers the same affordability and features, by all means do so. But until you find one, WordPress is a good platform to rely on.

Use Keywords

Once you have designed your website using a WordPress theme, it’s time to optimize it for search engines. In the marketing world this is called SEO. You won’t learn all the tips and tricks of SEO overnight, however, you can start learning and implementing slowing with simple things at first. Keywords are a simple enough SEO tactic to execute. You just need to research keywords related to your fashion blog topic, for example plus size womens clothes, on Google. Then you incorporate this keyword into your blog once or twice. Do not stuff your blog with keywords. Google will penalize your site if you do.

Share on Social Media

Your fashion blog will only be successful if people share your posts. Therefore, launch social media posts for your blog and start sharing with relevant tags included.

These are only the first steps of launching your own fashion blog. Once you accomplish the above, you can move on to the next step: promoting your fashion blog.