Indian Themed Party Ideas

Of all the party themes out there, an Indian party is possibly one of the most exciting and fun themes that you could choose. Some of the many reasons that Indian themed parties are fun and exciting are the fact that they are a once in a lifetime experience for most people in the western world and also the fact that the bright colors and all that bling serve part of the excitement of the night
Do your research
If you are someone that has never visited India or never known an authentic Indian person, you will want to start doing your research on India and Bollywood events in Dubai early because there is a lot to learn about Indian culture and tradition. One interesting and well known tradition is for Indians to come to events such as these adorned in heavy and blingy costume jewelry.
Decoration ideas
The most important thing you need to remember about the décor for your Bollywood event is that you need to have a lot of vivid and contrasting colours at your party. In addition to all the colours, you will need to have as many shiny things as possible because Indian parties are all about bling. You may have all of your guests attend your party in costume so they too will blend in well with your beautiful décor in their brightly coloured sarees, kurthas and shalwar kamees. Some of your guests may not have a very clear idea on what types of clothing to wear and where to buy their Indian themed clothing so it would be useful for you to do some research and attach a small note with the invitation that your guests are guaranteed to appreciate. For Indians, their film industry is everything and it plays a great part in their everyday lives and therefore it would be a great idea to incorporate some elements of Indian cinema and its actors in to your party.
Food and snack ideas
It is a well-known fact that Indians eat a lot of spice and curry. Unlike with western parties, Indians have a lot of food at their parties and even the smallest of parties can resemble a feast. It would be a great idea for you to hire an Indian chef who would be able to prepare your feast for you. Most people enjoy Indian cuisine and it would be a great treat for them to be able to enjoy tradition authentic India food although it would be best for you to inform your chef not to make the food too spicy.