Make Your Movie Night More Fun With These Tips

After a week of tiresome work, finally you get the chance to laze around with your loved ones. So, why not have a movie night? Well, it’s a great idea when you don’t have anywhere to go, couldn’t watch a movie for some time and you have nothing special placed to do on the weekend night. So, all you need is some popcorn and your friends to be with. Well, is that all? Not really! There are more things you can add to your movie night to make it even more fun. So, take a look at the list of ideas we came up with
New movies!
Who doesn’t like to watch new movies? Sometimes you might have missed watching the new releases because of work and lack of time to do anything else. So, this is your time to buy some new movies. You can buy them under one theme or even mix several types of movies to make it even more fun. Ask everyone for some help. You can have a playlist of Malayalam cinema movies, Bollywood movies, Tamil movies and go for categories like thriller, rom coms or even family movies.
High on octane?
Well, if you are planning a movie night with your friends and everyone is planning to stay at your place after the movie night, then there’s n problem to get a little bit high. You can try for some new beer, vine or even some cocktail. Have a bar at home? Splendid! You can also make some mocktails at home for the guy who doesn’t want to get so high on octane. So, whether you want a mojitos or a bullfrog, at the end of the day, all you want is to make some fun memories and to enjoy your time.
Makeup for girls
Girls love makeup and there are no limits to the numerous styles and products these days. So, there’s lot to learn! Everyone has their own secrets and make this night to share them with your girls. You can also pause the movie and watch some famous celebrity makeup tutorials as well. And what about some experiments? Yes, get your makeup, toners, blushes, lip stick out and try these tips. Or not to forget to smudge each other’s faces! It will look bad, but we promise it’s going to be an extremely fun night with your friends.
Selfies time!
Not a day will miss without a selfie! So, it’s time to take your iPhone out and take some selfies with your friends. Go crazy and take pictures in different poses and different reactions. Take random pictures when they are dozing a bit, when drinking too much of beer, or even reactions to the movies! Those are memories worth preserving. Later, you can upload them wisely on your social media pages. These are moments you need to share and let the world know you still love and enjoy being with your buddies.