New Tech And Us

The world is rapidly developing and new tech is everywhere to make life comfortable. There are so many advance technology from cloning to artificial intelligence that you can hardly keep abreast of all the things that are coming in to the market as well as the things that are outdated and going out of demand. One day it is the new technology and the next it is outdated.

A lot of equipment has definitely made our lives easy. Our smartphones does a lot of activities that our brains should be doing and is actually smarter than us sometimes (hence the word ‘smart phones’ I guess). From a simple phone call to GPS, from texting to photoshop, from music to education our smart phones keep a tab on us. It acts as an alarm clock and reminds us to wake up. It acts as a personal organizer and reminds us that it’s our wedding anniversary and needs to send our spouse a gift. We google the gift and order it through our phone and all it takes is a few clicks.

Then there are house hold appliances like our dishwashers, microwaves, universal remotes, home cinema systems and electric fire places that makes our lives comfortable. There are high-tech medical advancements to make us live longer and of course weapons to make us live shorter live spans.

There is Digital printing in Dubai which is a technology developed to improve the existing traditional technology on offsetting. It uses inkjet or laser printers to print quality printouts. No more waiting for the printing machine to stop making a huge racket when printing. One click and there you go. There are finger print readers at work so you can’t get your friend to punch in your card when you get late. There are coffee machines down the hall to make you enough caffeine to rush through the day. You just need to press the button.

We just won’t know what to do without it. And if (like in all the robot movies) one day the tech crashes on us well we won’t know how to survive. You think I am lying? Well just give up our phone for one day and see what I am talking about. We won’t be able to call the babysitter to get to work, know answering those long distance business calls on skype, no goggle maps to find you the nearest petrol station, No music, No internet, no social media, no selfies, no funny cat videos to watch during the office break…….You get what I am saying right?

New tech is not bad. Not at all. But sometimes we depend so much on it that we fail to remember that we were the ones who came up with inventing it and not the other way around.