Skin Repair Treatment

Do you have skin that has been exposed to fire, accidents etc. as a result of which it has been bruised or burned? If you do, we know how you feel. Our skin is an important part of our body and reflects on your personality. We know a lot of you go to great lengths to maintain your skin in good condition and thus scars and burn marks might be blow to your self-esteem, making you self-conscious. However, there are many remedies available today to treat scars, marks and even dark spots. Discussed below are some of those options, ranging from more serious treatments to home remedies and remedies available in the common market.

Serious Treatment

Speaking of serious treatment, these generally involve medical surgery. It is advisable that you meet a doctor as soon as you meet with an accident or similar incident, and if further treatment is needed they would refer you to a specialist. A specialist in this case may most likely recommend that you undergo plastic surgery so that the burnt or distorted skin can be removed and replaced with skin grafts from other parts of your body such as your thighs.

If your wound is severe the doctors would perform debriding, which refers to the removal of dead tissue before you can undergo reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery Dubai is one of the most effective as well as advanced methods of taking care of your burn marks or scars. However, it involves certain risk factors that are generally associated with general surgery. It may also be categorized as an invasive procedure which may also be quite costly. Recovery from such surgery would take time, and it is important to be patient with the healing process. You should also remember to take it easy and not to tire yourself too much after you come home from surgery. You should also keep an eye out for infections and go for regular follow up visits post-surgery.

Other Treatments

There are various other treatments available; and home remedies mainly concentrate on encouraging reversing the damage done to your skin. You can try eating more vitamin-C enriched food as it is essential for improving the firmness of your skin, through the production of collagen. Eating more protein, cutting down on junk food, drinking plenty of water may also speed up the process of skin repair. Exercising daily would also help, as well as getting plenty of rest. In addition to the above there are various creams and ointments available in the market. Moreover you could also try natural remedies such as olive oil, sandalwood, lavender etc.