The Importance Of Mouth Hygiene

Sadly, many people neglect their dental hygiene or do not have enough knowledge about how to maintain their dental hygiene. In most cases, people think that their mouth and teeth are being taken care of and are healthy when really their teeth are starting to rot without their knowledge. The first signs of cavities are not visible to the naked eye and only become noticeable to the person when they start to become painful and therefore at a very late stage of the cavity.

Teeth alignment

It is not just cavities and bacteria that we need to be careful of. We also need to be careful of keeping our teeth aligned. This is mostly true for children who are still growing their teeth and there are many practices that our children have that can change the alignment of their teeth for the rest of their lives. Some of these practices include sucking on things unnecessarily and of course the common practices of sucking on thumbs. It is unknown as to why many children have this practice, but it is thought that it is an imitation somehow of the practice or habit of suckling on a mother’s breast which brings comfort. It is a known fact that many children today wear braces and even when you do not see a child wearing braces, they may still be wearing invisible braces which are becoming more and more popular in the market today. The best way to avoid your child having to wear braces in the future is to control and curb their bad habits from the time that they are infants in order to make sure they maintain healthy and well aligned teeth.

Another very common thing today is dental implants. More people than ever are seen to be getting them due to badly rotted teeth and extreme cavities and we need to question ourselves as to why there is such a steep rise in such problems and procedures in this day and age.

The age of sugar

We live in an era where everything that we eat has added sugar in it. Even when you think there is no sugar in a product because it is not a sweet product, you will be surprised to find that there is in fact sugar in it. In fact, a bottle of fizzy drink contains nearly twenty five grams of sugar per one hundred milliliters and alarmingly, children consume up to five hundred milliliters to one liter a day sometimes of these fizzy drinks. It is this sugar that is causing the rise in dental health problems in the world.