The Multi-Million Dollar Bra Industry

In the day and age, a woman is able to release herself, at least to an extent, from the stereotypical image drawn for her by society, and choose her own unique style and voice to represent her to the world. Women are able to embrace their body types and not have to confine themselves to the societal ideals of having a slender yet curvaceous figure. Certain unobtainable beauty standards do remain; however, more and more women are now claiming back their bodies and embracing their uniqueness.
Perhaps no other women’s clothing industry is as significant or as valuable as the bra industry, across the world. Companies that design and sell bras and lingerie to women have grown to be giant multinational conglomerates, with flagship stores all around the globe. From stick on bra to push-up bras, the industry continues to develop to cater to more and more women worldwide.
History of the bra
This industry had come far from its first roots. The earliest version of the bra was seen in Ancient Greece. Earlier versions, such as those seen in the Victorian era, were corset versions, and women slipped into them to create the illusion of perkier breasts and smaller waists. The cups in bras were earliest seen around the 15th century in Europe. Earlier versions were made with linen and were held up by securing them at the back with small pins.
Modern bras
Modern-day bras feature a far more complex design. Many parts are individually made and put together to form the finished product. Many variations are necessary to cater to different band sizes and cup sizes of women. Different bra types too, have expanded choice for women. Comfortable strapless bras can be purchased to wear underneath strapless clothing to provide invisible coverage, and push-up bras can be worn to make breasts appear larger or to maximize cleavage.
Different designs cater to different needs that may be required by women, depending on their wardrobe.
Today, bras are available all cross the world, and dominates the lingerie industry due to its apparent necessity. Read this article about reusable adhesive nipple covers made from second skin matte silicone for the smoothest most seamless coverage ever.
Although modern research has found that bras are in fact not a necessity, and that contrary to popular belief, it does not prevent breasts form sagging overtime, but in fact does the opposite by increasing the chances of breast tissue sagging with time and age.
Such an industry however, continues to grow and develop through the sheer demand for bras, and although modern research says otherwise, it is doubtful that the demand for bras would die down anytime soon.