The Truth About ‘Going Organic’

Living long, energetic, and fulfilled lives are criteria in any individual’s consideration of making the most of their lifetime. It is obvious that no person wishes to die young or jeopardize their lives just by being reckless. Such recklessness, however, is commonly seen nowadays thanks to fast food and unhealthy eating and exercise habits. Due to these reasons, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes are some of the most common and high-rise illnesses that are persistent tin the world today. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, cites heart disease (cardiovascular disease) and diabetes amongst the top 10 causes of human deaths worldwide, each year.
One of the movements that has gained popularity over the recent years to combat these issues is the choosing of an organic lifestyle, where only organic produce is consumed, coupled with a good exercise regimen. Further details can be checked with agri commodity trade
By definition, organic produce refers to those that are produced and marketed without the use of chemicals, growth hormones, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers. In some countries, the criteria to receive ‘organic’ status also requires that the produce is produced through ethical means, especially when it comes to livestock and animal husbandry.
This non-addition of any external elements, especially those that are artificial chemicals, is considered to be a crucial way in which to eliminate any negative aspects from your health and diet. Although the science backing the claim of organic food being better for one’s health, in comparison to produce manufactured the conventional way, is inconclusive, it does contribute greatly to the health of the environment by minimizing chemical deposits in the soil, which can be harmful to plants and animals.
Furthermore, going organic also focuses more on locally sourced produce instead of imports. Although fresh fruits and vegetables importers in Dubai are necessary in terms of including foods that are not grown in that particular region, focusing more on local sources is seen to also be more environmentally friendly due to the reduction in pollutants to the environment as well as wastage of resources such as fresh water.
Organic food in itself alone, however, is unlikely to significantly improve lifestyle and health, unless it is coupled with a good exercise regimen suited to your body’s specific needs. Daily exercise, or at the very least, exercise four or five times a week would keep your body fit and healthy, and your organs functioning normally. Another crucial element is to include plenty of water into your diet to ensure your hydration levels are always normal. When all these elements are combined, a long and healthy life can be achieved.